Friday, 24 April 2015

Speaking Senior Leadership Development Programme East Midlands may 12th


With great thanks to  Jackie Barringer
Senior Consultant - Prospect for the kind invite to speak at  Senior Leadership Development Programme The programme is a leadership programme for  senior finance leaders who all work across the NHS organisations in east midlands

You can view a Guiding Agenda for the two day event below 

May 2015 

12th and 13th May 2015   
Day one
09-0009-30Arrival, registration and coffee
09-3009-45 Welcome, aims and expectations
09-45   10-15 Reflections from master class two and progress to date using peer coaching style 
10-15 11-15Mapping  environment for the NHS and Social care system 
11-3012-00What do we mean by business acumen and entrepreneurialism? 
12-00 -12-45  Business tools for scanning, assessing and planning (Jackie to lead and prep)

12-4513-30Lunch and networking
13-3014-00Spot the gap presentations (DB lead)
14-00    14-30 Understanding others Motivation / Motivation exercise
15-00 15-45 Ego defences and leading others (DB Lead)

16-1516-30Debrief, checking out for the day

18-001900Before Dinner SpeakerTommy WhitelawProject Engagement Lead

 DINNER 7.30

08-4509-00Arrival and coffee
09-0009-15Recap day one/ Reflection on leadership implications from yesterday
09-15 10.15Speaker– Paul McKevitt, Deputy Chief Executive Wigan Borough Council 
10-3012-00Burn out in leaders and how to develop your resilience 
12-3014-30Resilience and Mindfulness as a leader 
14-3014-45Personal development action planning
14-4515-00Debrief and close

Add in Tommy and Pauls bio

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