Monday, 23 January 2012

Care Inspectorate, Today ………….

Dear all,

Well I am off to meet with the care inspectorate today, to hand over files and discuss the opinions, concerns and thoughts from many of the hundreds of carers and families I have met with all across Scotland  on the Tommyontour awareness (supported by Alzheimer Scotland) a big thanks to all who have made contact ,written to me and given support and encouragement ,I will be requesting an open discussion date fro people who have supported this campaign to get their concerns ,and opinions across
Thank you for the support so far and I hope it will continue

On the 8th of Feb. I will be meeting in private with the deputy first minister to discuss the letters campaign to date and future plans
I hope I can revisit you all to update and discuss the next stages.



  1. Good luck - will look forward to hearing the outcome.

  2. Hope it went well


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