Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Good Morning charity.............................

Good afternnoon ,

on my travels i bump into people providing great help and sevices  ,

I have met with Nicky a few times on my tour and thought I would help spread the word on her work

please see below a wee message from Nicky

"5 conversations a day are as important to your health as 5 pieces of fruit"

The Good Morning charity provides a daily telephone befriending and alert service calling out to vulnerable older people 365 days a year. Telephone Befrienders get to know clients well, build trust to become a friend on the phone there to listen and give emotional support through the difficulties and challenges often associated with advancing age.
With regular contact Good Morning staff become part of someone's social network.
The value of social support should not be underestimated: it is associated with higher levels of happiness and it may well be a key factor in reducing the risk of dementia as we grow older.
Their Telephone Befriender is often the first person someone will speak to about being worried about their memory - talking to family or a GP is, put simply - too scary. The fear of being shrugged off or even judged is a powerful deterent.
Also, in knowing clients well Telephone Befrienders can be the first to recognise when someone's having problems.
Good Morning also alerts to potential health problems at an early stage when a call remains unanswered and when Telephone Befrienders recognise a deterioration in health or circumstance.
Launched in 2000, this light touch support service gives older people the confidence to live alone - retaining their independence to live in their own home and community.
Find out more here:

Nicky Thomson
Charity Manager

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