Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Tears are never far away-missing mum by my side

Tears are never far away, missing my mum by my side

I have had a pretty busy week doing on average 1-2 talks 5 per week
Sitting here today feeling emotionally drained, but that’s nothing new I was emotionally and physically drained over the 5 years caring for my wonderful mum.  To add to that I was also fearful, asking the questions to myself am I doing the right thing and am I giving my mum the best of care. 

 I spent a lot of time feeling scared, scared of what was happening, this lack of understanding inside and too often towards us and I as do so often just cried myself to sleep last night.  That’s nothing new either I cried myself to sleep often as we struggled and I witness dementia taking its toll on my wee mum, especially the last months.  It was the last months that broke my heart I feel beyond repair and we as a society can change so much of this for others.  We can raise awareness, understanding and guide families giving them the quickset and best of support.

 We at this time cannot cure Dementia but we can cure loneliness, understanding and make sure all are given the best of support, help, advice and treated with kindness, respect and dignity.  I not only cry, sometimes my heart smiles when I think back to the ones who made it better, the ones who helped us through with kindness, information and support.  However tears are never far away for a magnificent mum who I miss by my side, who no matter what she faced could make it better with a smile or a stroke of a hand even when she facing much more than me, how lucky I WAS  TO BE  JOAN WHITELAWS SON

We can make it better for others #2014 can’t we?


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