Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dear tommy - can you please help me

Dear Tommy
I am writing to see if anything can be done to help Carers.
I am 80 years of age and my husband almost 77 years old and he suffers from VASCULAR DEMENTIA and life is very tough for me as his carer.  He is in the middle stages of Dementia.
As said I am finding it very tough and there is no one to share and help me get through.  I feel so low at times and so VERY LONELY – I NEED a human listening ear and also an understanding one.
Family do not seem to understand – only the carer who lives with  dementia  knows what it is like.
We have been married 53 years and had a very happy marriage until my husband took dementia now I Am  LOSING MY  MARRIAGE AND LOSING  MY HUSBAND.

Yours truly

I don't know where to start here ,the first thing is having to send this letter to me 

We as a society fail people when we leave theme them ,lonely ,isolated and given to no time and understanding - 

I need "a human listening ear and also an understanding one." 

If we can't take or give time to listen and fail to have an understanding ear then we allow love stories to become a tragedy 

Love story or tragedy which part will you play in the lives of others 


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