Monday, 6 January 2014

Thank you - for reading my awareness blog ,thank-you for the kindness and support


Thank you.

I started writing this blog in February 2011 as the loneliness and isolation both Mum and I faced was becoming such a painful part of each day. I was not really sure who I was writing to or if anyone would ever read our story, struggles, hope, tears and joy.

In fact for the first months no one really read my blog ,but I kept writing about how I felt as this was helping me,I needed to tell someone how I felt and writing my wee blog helped ease the lonliness 

The wee blog about our story, the stories of many others , the Tommy on Tour campaign and now the Dementia Carer Voices project reached 200,000 views today and if you include the views the films have received and other social media  ultimately adds up to near the quarter of a million mark.

Thank you for the kindness via Life-stories - my blog - twitter - Facebook and in person 

Thank you caring, for viewing, for supporting us for,  helping take away some of the loneliness we felt and loss I felt since mum passed away.

We were lonely but never truly alone. Thank you for the-kindness -  the kindness of people most of whom I have never met.

Pageviews all time history.          205,145 

A year of photos 2013 

A Year of Talks 2013 

Dementia Carer Voices Resource Page

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  1. Tommy thanks to you my life has completely turned around and changed direction..very grateful x


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