Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Today Speaking Birmingham Saffron centre #bcdamcp Learning & Development day January 28th

Speaking Birmingham Saffron centre #bcdamcp Learning & Development day January 28th




With great thanks to Sue Ebanks and all the team at bcda Learning & Development Service for inviting me to speak at their event on January 28th  being held at the Saffron Center Birmingham

I look forward to attending and speaking about my wonderful mum Joan, the letters I receive the people I meet on my tour dementia and caring

I will post more details soon please below some information on the event to date

Tommy you have been scheduled to speak at 11.30am

Q&A Panel
 You have been included on this slot 1.55pm along with ‘Mary Latter’ (Cross City Commissioning Lead) and other panel members from The Alzheimer’s Society

The Social Care Commitment will also be a feature presentation on the day which will be the session preceding your presentation

 With great thanks to Sue  and for more information please see links below

Sue Ebanks
Workforce Development Lead
bcda Learning & Development Service, Lifford House, Stirchley, B30 3BW

@sueebanks: @tommyNtour #bcdaCareProviderMeeting #Dementia #SocialCareCommittment #DignityActionDay #LookingForward #TonmyNTour 👌

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  1. It was such an inspiration to hear you speak so lovingly about your mum and the journey you took together. Thank you. Jan


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