Tuesday, 1 July 2014

NHSaaa Making A Difference - thank you for the tour -friendship-kindness - and for the passion


Today  is the last talk of my mini tour with NHSaaa and the wonderful team and people I have met along the way . It has been quite an emotional day thinking about  The last of 8 talks -

4 at Ayr hospital and 4 at Crosshouse hospital Kilmarnock 

For me I think caring for and about each other and making a difference is truly all about people and relationships and this mini tour has absolutely been about people and relationships.

This tour came about via getting to know Derek Barron (Associate Nurse Director, MHS @ NHSAA) via twitter and the passion Derek and his wonderful team have for people is truly inspiring.   The team are Janice, Amanda and Lynn along with Derek and myself put together a wee plan and tour for make a difference across NHSAA.

Our first date together was a presentation to the board of NHSAA on our make a pledge to make a difference talks across the area the board covers. I really want to thank the board for the opportunity and support in making this happen and look forward to giving a presentation on the tour and pledges in the very near future.

The board presentation is where I first met Professor Fiona McQueen (Executive Nurse Director NHSAA) and another new friendship was made and I would like to thank you Fiona for the most kind words, support and encouragement you sent for my blog.

You made this son very proud and I thank you for the kindness and encouragement.

I have some amazing people on this tour and we have had so many incredible pledges made along the way, in the hundreds now on this mini tour and I have been very proud to be part of the team.

I will do look back at the tour after tomorrow with more details and information on the pledges and the plans for the pledges from team NHSAA.

So thank you Derek,Janice  Fiona, Amanda, Lynn, the board and all the amazing people I have had the privilege to meet on this mini tour thank you for bringing a smile to my heart and thank you from a son for this passion I have witnessed to make a difference.

Thank you for making a difference to my life and for the friendship, kindness, smiles and a few tears.

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