Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Thank you Wexham a great day a few tears passing over the River Clyde


Well that's me nearly home I on the No9 bus after a wonderful day speaking Wexham Park Hospital Slough and attending the opening of the Sunflower Dementia Gardens

Coming home to Glasgow this wonderful City that is my home was always so very exciting in my previous life on tour, returning  home to see family and friends 

Today is mums Birthday and as the train passed over the river Clyde and pulled near to Central station I could not hold back the tears  

Sitting in the empty train carriage it took me a wee while to compose myself 

That's what coming home does it reminds you of growing up reminds you of family reminds you of the little things that are the make up of your life and loves 

But coming home tonight felt quite lonely and the family things are only memories now 
And home well the house Is quite lonely these days 

There was no one quite like Mum and really there is no place quite like home  

Thank you Wexham park for the great kindness today ,but even through the tears there is no place quite like home

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  1. Oh bless you Tommy from a friend. #forourmums


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