Thursday, 6 June 2013

Today Joining steering group NHSgg&c acute services


With great thanks to Nhsgg&c in particular Con Gillespie  for inviting me to join the steering group with lead nurses senior staff and carers , " improving acute services " 

I have been a guest speaker for Con an many occasions over the last months and feel inspired by his enthusiasm to engage with and involve carers on future strategies and training 

I feel privileged to be involved 

Many thanks for agreeing to take part in  the above work. The plan is  to see if we can develop a working model to help improve the level of engagement and therefore improve experience of carers when family members with significant levels   are admitted to our hospital wards.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 6th June 2013, Royal Alexandra Hospital, University

.As I have said to you all it is vital that carers and senior ward staff work together to develop this, so that we can devise something that facilitates good relationships between staff and carers and helps meet their needs in a realistic way which accounts for the activity in our  wards.

I am hoping that by the end of the meeting we will have good positive way forward with something tangible that we can test in the wards and then evaluate.

I am really looking forward to the meeting, so that we can use all you expertise, knowledge and experience in helping to improve this key aspect of patient centred support.

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