Tuesday, 11 June 2013

This morning Attending GCU school of health ; life science away day

Glasgow Caledonian University 
School of Health and Life Sciences
Assets and Impact: or Impact and Assets
12-13 June 2013
Overall Away Days aim: to build our School and Partner core team for imaginative, aspirational, bold delivery of the School of Health and Life Sciences strategy ‘Toward 2020’.  
School 2020 Aim: to use our assets in education, research, practice and exchange to work increative partnerships to redress health and social inequalities.
Foundations of School Aim:  Assets based approaches to health improvement work actively with the values, skills, knowledge, connections and potential in our communities.  Compared to the ‘deficits’ or ‘treatment’ approach to the delivery of public services, they promote capacity, connectedness and social capital.  To move to an assets based approach as an integral part of the delivery of health and wellbeing requires a change in individual and organisational attitudes, values and practices.  It requires redressing the balance between meeting needs and nurturing the strengths and resources of people and communities to help embed a sense of empowerment.  Such an approach is complementary to traditional health interventions.
Extracts from Glasgow Centre for Population Health:http://www.gcph.co.uk/assets/0000/2626/GCPH_Briefing_Paper_30web.pdf
Away Day Objectives:

Identify our HLS assets and those of our communities for maximum impact to meet our School aim of ‘using our assets in creative partnerships to redress health and social inequalities’ for our School Strategy ‘Toward 2020’

What are assets and impactidentify how to productively grow buy-in, imagination, sense of direction from School colleagues and Partners (including users and carers, public, commercial and NGO’s) and continuity with changing people

Increase appetite for being bold as we work on an assets approach to 2020: an interim phase in a long termprocess- project.
VenueScience Centre, Glasgow 
Dress codecasual
Preparation:  All those attending will be sent papers below.  We recognise that students and users and carers may not have read them/understand them as well as School colleagues.
Papers:  GCU leadership behaviours
Operational plan 2012-2013
Asset based approaches for health improvement: redressing the balance

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