Monday, 3 June 2013

This lonely house I call my home

Another busy week has passed ,and I hope more awareness has in some small way been raised .We put some finishing touches to the new carer engagement film "it's OK to ask " to be launched on June 13th and had some meetings to try and get some more project of the ground

Yesterday and today I was over at the Person Centered care Conference at the S.E.C.C. I was privileged to speak yesterday at one of the breakout sessions ,with great thanks to Shaun Mayer and Karen Gouldie for the opportunity and really enjoyed the two days ,speaking ,listening and meeting some amazing passionate peolpe

Sitting here tonight looking back, the loneliness that was such a big part of mums  and my own life over the last years slowly takes it grip .AS busy as I try and be I just don't know what to do with myself once home. There is is a sadness in my heart that never seems to leave,we became prisoners of this House as dementia took its toll ,and it still feels like. Prison in many ways

The realty is I just miss my best wee pal ,my mum ,and she really was my best pal ,I miss her kindness,care and smile and since mum passed away loneliness just got so much lonelier


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  1. It's a tough thing loneliness Tommy. You touched so many these last few days. What a difference you have made through telling your Mums story. I know they aren't there when the door closes but you left a mark on many hearts. Thinking of you and remember it will feel easier in time. Audrey xx


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