Friday, 14 June 2013

Today launching “it’s ok to ask “carer engagement film


The new carer engagement film I am in  is ready, we will be launching  today June 13th at a city centre venue
The film is based in part  on my own experiences caring for my wee mum and many of the letters I receive .For me it’s of the greatest importance that we get families the correct and quickest support As a campaigner I am trying to engage with Government ,local authorities ,health boards to see what more can be done but also to promote services and support available to My opinion  it’s a tragedy not to be aware of and on many occasions know who or how to ask for help ,this can often lead to crisis

I took the idea and script to NHSgg&c-chp lead Peter Daniels who took time to read some of the letters I receive and chat about people I have on buses, supermarkets on the streets and I am happy and grateful for his time and support to make this film .the film will go in a booklet to GPs across Glasgow and be used on partners websites .I also hope to do some public road shows to reach out to people and help inform them of the support available    

With thanks to NHSgg&c especially Peter Daniels and Jill Carson and the ALLAINCE Scotland for partnering to make this film possible and last but by no means least the courage’s carers who took time to tell their story of how when supports is put in place at the right time and with the right manner the difference than can be made

The launch will be June 13th 1 pm please see more details at link below 

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