Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A personal view - The Letters, Life and Love Stories celebration ofcaring -


For over twenty years I travelled around the world with my job. I worked hard as did both my parents and was lucky that my job took me all over the world, allowing me to meet so many fantastic people. It was a joyful and educational experience in so many ways.

I like many people am really proud to be from Glasgow and Scotland. Having a Scottish accent is a great thingto have while traveling. I was always welcomed on my travels no matter where I was, as soon at the accent was heard a new friendship began.

So many people would show interest in who I was because of where I was from, often mentioning Braveheart, the Loch Ness Monster or whiskey! On many occasions my accent would make up for my lack of looks - personality  and finance. Having people mention your birth place when you are on the other side of the worldnever failed to fill me with warmth and pride.

Back in 2007 that all changed when I came  home to visit my mum Joan and there began a 6 year journey of sadness, joy, struggles, smiles, hope,  despair, kindness, loneliness, isolation and heartbreak.

At the lowest point I remember sitting in my room one night thinking how can this be? What happened? How can we be so lost, forgotten, lonely and close to crisis?  What was I proud of all those years travelling? Was it really just an accent and nothing more?

Since starting my campaign to raise awareness I have since found so many reasons to be proud to come from Glasgow and Scotland. I have met them on my campaign and tour, they are husbands, wifes, sons, daughters brothers, sisters, doctors, nurses, communities, people giving all they can to help and support others. Those who give time, understanding and kindness often in the face of great challenges, to help mums like mine and sons like make me make it through the darkest on nights and hardest of days.

I wish I had met them twenty years ago when I was traveling, then I could have told people the real reason I am proud to be from Scotland.

That's why the Letters, Life and Love Stories: A Celebration of Caring in Scotland Concert is so important to me on a personal note. Every day I meet remarkable people and hear the most inspiring of stories and that is a real reason to celebrate.

I hope you will help the ALLAINCE. And me  celebrate the kindness and understanding of people  the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Monday 20th January 2014, as part of Celtic Connections.


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