Friday, 26 September 2014

The lights are bright ,but I have nowhere to go


I spend most of my days on trains,traveling to and back from talks and all of my nights at home alone 
It has been a very busy year with a total of 178 talks from January to December confirmed 
I think I am at talk 140 after today 

I arrived Glasgow Central just after 10pm this evening after attending and speaking at a wonderful patients stories event in Hatfield Hertfordshire this is quite a theme of late 

It's Friday night and the bright lights of Glasgow are shining and full with people moving between resteraunts and bars ,Glasgow certainly is a vibrant lively city at weekends 

I spent a big  part of my life touring before caring for mum and most nights working at concerts and going out afterwards every night felt like a Friday night back then 

For the last 7 years I have hardly been out when caring for mum for 5 years this was not an option or possible and sometimes what you don't do or see you do not miss 

 since mum passed away I have been putting all my efforts in to trying to keep the promise I made to mum and to those who send Their stories to try and make a difference as best I can 

Walking through town tonight to get the bus home watching people enjoying a Friday night with friends I realised no matter how bright those lights are I have nowhere to go ,my campaign  I feel and hope has grown but life has stood still 

I keep meeting so many amazing inspiring people and today was no different the people I met inspired me ,the problem is tonight is also no different  as I walk through the door to this dark and lonely house I call my home 

The lights tonight in town are left behind in many ways much like the life I used to know 



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