Monday, 1 September 2014

Today honoured to speak to Crossreach Dementia Ambassadorscelebrationand #proud to be made honorary Dementia Ambassador

A Big thank you from my heart, earlier to day in Perth after my talk I was so very honoured to be made a honorary Crossreach Dementia Ambassador and hand out certificates to celebrate the new ambassadors 

Thank you Linda and all the team at Crossreach ,thank you from a son 

Proudly wearing my Pin 
With Linda & below bottom the new dementia ambassadors receiving their certificates 
Speaking Crossreach Dementia Ambassadors celebration  – Perth August 29th


With great thanks to Linda Kelly Dementia Development officer Crossreach  for the kind invite to speak at  Dementia Ambassadors celebration  – Perth August 29th

The conference is to celebrate the work that the dementia ambassadors do within the services and the organization. This role is a voluntary role and this is in all CrossReach older person services. 
This was also recognised by the SSSC earlier this month and they  are the first organization to make the commitment of one or more ambassadors in each service.

I am very honored to be invited to speak and look forward to meeting everyone and hearing more about the ambassadors role


Dementia Ambassadors Conference- Recognising Ambassadors
Friday 29th August 2014

9.30-9.45am- Registration

9.45-10.00- Devotions- Pamela & Linda

10.00- 10.15- Welcome- Peter Bailey

10.15- 11.00 – Nutrition

11.00-11.15- Comfort Break

11.15 – 12.00- Workshops

12.00- 12.30- Allan Logan & Sally Bonnar

12.30- 1.15 – Lunch

1.15- 2.00- Lorna Reid & Stewart Hayton- Namaste Care project

2.00-2.20- Community of Practice/ Resource folders?

2.20-3.00 – Tommy Whitelaw- Dementia Pledge

3.00-3.30- Presentation of certificates

Closing remarks 

With commitment and passion to provide service provision excellence, our Dementia Ambassadors are looking forward to their conference on 29 August 2014. They will focus on Namaste Care(already featured in a selection of CrossReach Services) and theSection 47 Certificate of Incapacity and accompanying treatment plans.   The afternoon keynote speaker will be the inspiring award winning and finalist, Tommy Whitelaw who is campaigning to raise the awareness of dementia throughout Scotland.  The conference delegates look forward to hearing Tommy share more about theDementia Pledge.
CrossReach is the first social care provider in Scotland to appoint a Dementia Ambassador in every one of its services for older people.  Each of our Dementia Ambassadors will be presented with their certificates and badges (designed by a member of the Heart for ArtGroup and pictured above).
In September, we look forward to hosting in partnership with the Church of Scotland’s Ministries Council the 2nd of 4 ‘Dementia Friendly Church’ conferences.  This conference will take place in Bo’ness (more information to follow).

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