Saturday, 13 September 2014

Walking and Talking for awareness 2015 back to where it all began - will you join me ?


inspired by my trip to Fort  William last week the beautiful scenery ,watching peolpe on the west highland way from the train along with chatting to peolpe on the return journey and a coffee with Ian Welsh chief executive at the ALLAINCE Scotland I have decided to do another walk roud Scotland to raise awareness 

Back in 2011 I walked round Scottish towns and cities whilst caring for my mum to collect life stories 
I was humbled and inpired by the stories I collected and peolpe I met 

May 2015 I will be doing a walk again stopping of each evening to speak in towns and cities about dementia and caring I hope peolpe will join me along the way 

Very much in the early planning at the moment but I hope peolpe migh join me along the way to raise awareness 

Will post a plan over the next months any help or support or company along the way will be gratefully needed and accepted 

You can view my film from my walk 2011 with Carers sharing experiences below 

Thank you Scotland's beautiful scenery peolpe and a coffee with Ian for inspiring me to walk for awarness again 


In 2011 Tommy produced a short film The video, which was later shown at the Scottish Parliament, includes families and carers reading from the letters they sent him during his dementia awareness tour of Scotland’s towns and cities. To view the FILM

Videos walk to collect life stories 

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