Thursday, 11 September 2014

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September is world Alzheimer Awareness Month with world Alzheimer Day on September 21st our  ‘make a difference’ tour has a few talks lined up over the month

On Monday  I had the great privilege to attend and speak at A  student led conference Teesside University with great thanks to Michelle Hudson  and all the team for the invite,kindness and amazing make a difference pledges we received  

161 students made a pledge after my talk you can read more about the event and pledges HERE 

September 16th I have been invited to speak at Glasgow School of Nursing to Nursing Students ,I was a guest speaker on 2 occasions last year and look forward to speaking again   

After my talk Glasgow School of Nursing i head of to catch  train to speak at the  complementary& volunteer therapists conference being held  Warwick Universityon Weds 17th September. With great thanks to Ann Goddard for the kind invite 

Next Morning 18th  I Travel to speak at the Dementia Champions Forum Burton Hospital Burton On Trent a big thank you to Leanne Siekiera Student Nurse and Alison Haynes Lead nurse for the kind invite 

After the event Burton on Trent I head back to Glasgow for the night next day I have two talks at the University West Of Scotland Ayr Campus 9am and 1pm  we 

will also do more filming at the University for the MAKE A DIFFERENCE short film we are very proud to be part of with NHSAAA and the University 

last but by no means least i have been invited to speak at the Hertfordshire Patient Stories Conference 26th September being held at the Fielder Centre Conference Center with great thanks ot Catherine Pelley for the kind invite 

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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