Monday, 1 September 2014

Working with Glasgow University School to Nursing on the letters life and love stories I receive



Really proud happy to say I will be working with  researchers  and nursing lecturers from Glasgow University School of nursing on the letters I receive 

I truly believe this will be a great project to  give the letters both the respect they deserve and I hope bring more understanding on the thoughts ,experiences and lives of so many peolpe who live with dementia or care for a loved one 

It's all about people and relationships for me and I have found I believe some great people to work with 

I have also had the great privilege  to be a guest speaker at the university over the last year 


with great thanks to all the nursing students from Glasgow University who took time to attend my talk this afternoon

thank you for the kindness

a wee photo with some of the Nursing students


With thanks to Jane Joy senior nursing lecturer at Glasgow University school of Nursing for inviting me back to speak to nursing students.

I was a guest speaker there last month at Nursing Development day and Jane has kindly invited me back to speak to first year students on November 18th.

Earlier that day I will be attending and on the Shortlist for the NHSGG Chairman's Ambassador Award for improving patents experience.

So a proud day on two counts attending awards, meeting and speaking to our future nurses.


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