Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Awarded British Citizens Medal For Services To Healthcare House OfLords #ForMum



I really don't know what to say,earlier today I received   the British Citizens Medal for Services to Healthcare (BCAh)  At a Presentation Ceremony The  Palace of Westminster hosted by BaronessCox 

I am so very humbled, grateful and so very, very honoured to be one of the first 28 people awarded the Medal across the country

A massive thank you to Joyce Cavaye Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health & Social Care at the Open University for nominating me and to  Derek Barron ( my nursing mentor ) Associate Nurse Director NHS Ayrshire and Arran for seconding the nomination. Thank you for such kindness

This all came as quite a surprise and shock to me just before Christmas, when an email  arrived  to say I had been nominated and awarded the BCAh. I would also like to thank  Irene Oldfather, Audrey Birt and Janice McAlister for supporting Joyce and Derek with their letters of support for this  award, all of which I had no clue about until the email informing me arrived 

Thank you from a son, a very emotional humble and proud son. Thank you for the Kindness Of People.

would like to dedicate this award to my kind wonderful mum Joan and my dad Thomas, both of whom I miss each and every day ,Irene Oldfather ( my mentor ) my  team mates  Laura McCulloch, Sarah McDermott, My Leader Ian Welsh CEO  at the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland,and all my colleagues and friends at the ALLIANCE ,The amazing kind caring people who have shared their life stories as part of a campaign that started from my bedroom whilst caring for mum, through till now via the  Dementia Carer Voices Project at the ALLIANCE.

have been so lucky and  privileged to meet so many inspiring people in person on my tour, via my blog and on twitter - thank you for the support ,encouragement,and the amazing passion to care and make a difference I have witnessed at my 350 +  talks  over the last 3 years 

And a very special thank you to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for inspiring a son caring for his mum to keep speaking about Dementia,caring,life and love stories 

A big thank you to Jacqui and all at the British Citizens Awards for this kind honour and friends who came along to give support today ,Irene, Joyce, Barry, Agneta ,Maria, Emily Chris and Jayne and to Henry Simmons CEO Alzheiemer Scotland for the support in my early days as a son campaigning and Susan Brooks for introducing me to Ian,when looking for a place to take my campaign from my bedroom and turn into to a project 

For life and love stories 

Thomas Whitelaw BCAh




                                       My Wonderful Team Mates and friends 






  1. So very much deserved Tommy... Very proud of you and all you and the team do to raise awareness. Thank you from me and my wonderful mum😊

  2. well done - you deserved this for letting the nation know what it is like to be a carer for someone who was so special to you - we are all so9 very proud of you and of the who9le team at the ALLIANCE - Irena and Neil paterson


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