Monday, 16 February 2015

Tomorrow Three talks University Hosptial Coventry The Lecture Theatre


With great thanks to Andrew Hardy Chief Executive Officer and Alex Johnson for the kind invite to speak at the University Hosptial Coventry 

I had the great privilege to meet Andrew at a conference we where both speaking at a few months back and he has kindly invited me to give three talks to staff in the lecture theatre (CBS Buildings) on Febraury 17th 

I look very much forward to attending,meeting everyone and speaking 

I would like to invite you to a talk from Tommy Whitelaw, a national dementia campaigner and carer. 
In a very personal and inspirational talk, Tommy draws from his experience caring for his mother to discuss measures that can support staff and carers when helping people with dementia

The talk will last around for around an hour and will take place in CSB on Tuesday 17 February 2015. There are three slots available to hear Tommy speak:

• 10:00am – 11:00am
• 2.30pm – 3.30pm
• 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Places must be booked in advance by emailing with your preferred time.
Building on our recent award of Best Dementia Friendly Hospital

Having heard Tommy speak myself, I can personally say that each and every one of you will benefit from attending.


  1. Thank you Tommy, what an inspirational man you are ... I feel that all of Nhs staff should listen to what you have to say and they can learn how to deal with dementia patients as well as us the family and carers ......thank you once again.

  2. Hi Tommy,
    I attended your talk in Coventry today and just wish to say what an amazing inspirational man you are. Unfortunately I was unable to come and tell you face to face as I buried my dad last week after a ten year traumatic battle with dementia. Needles to say I was a blubbering mess!
    I too am a Scot and my parents shared a similar love affair as yours. They married in 1957 and it was after their Golden Wedding that my dad deteriorated and mum could no longer manage to look after him. Sadly she died two years before him following a battle with cancer but their ashes were buried together last week. I just want to say that for just over two years dad was cared for in Hatton Lea, Belshill where he received the most amazing care. They recognised the man he was and cared for him with dignity till the end. I certainly will remember your talk and pledge to treat any patient who is unfortunate enough to have dementia with dignity and respect for the person they are.
    Thank you


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