Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Monday Speaking Greater Manchester Police Force Carers support Group


With Great thanks to Chief Constable Peter Fahy and   Catherine Barlow Internal Communications Officer
Greater Manchester Police for the Kind invite to speak at the Greater Manchester Police Force Carers support Group 

I am very honored to be invited to speak at such a positive initiative ,supporting staff and their families and cant wait to meet everyone and hear more about this great initiative 

well Done GMP 


Dementia is one of the biggest issues of our time affecting more than 800,000 people in our society. It has a huge impact on someone's life, as well as on their families and carers.

With this in mind Greater Manchester Police realized that there are undoubtedly many of their own officers and staff also affected by this illness - as they find themselves with caring responsibilities for members of their family or loved ones 

The Force was keen to understand how it could help and support  people with caring roles, as many staff will be finding it hard to balance work and family responsibilities. Therefore, they have invited  officers and staff with caring responsibilities to a staff support group.

Chief Constable Peter Fahy has personal experience of this as his own mother has dementia and therefore he appreciates some of the pressures this creates.

By gathering people together who are facing similar challenges the Force will be able to learn how it can offer further support to staff and provide an opportunity for caregivers to share their feelings, problems, ideas and information with others who are undergoing similar experiences.

Tommy Whitelaw will speak about his experience of caring for his mother at the second GMP carer’s support group meeting on 9 February.

Catherine Barlow
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