Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Today Invited to speak to the Regional Services Deputy Charge Nurses Beatson


With great thanks to Margaret Coleman senior  Organisational Development Advisor Old Medical Refectory Stobhill  Hospital for inviting me to speak to Deputy Charge Nurses. from the Beatson Oncology Unit, Renal, Spinal, Neurological Sciences and Theatres.December 16th 

I look forward to speaking about my wonderful mum ,the letters I receive ,the letters I receive people I have met on my tour 

Thank you Margaret 


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  1. hey nice post mehn. I love your style of blogging here. The way you writes reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog titled Subconscious Attitude That Pushes People Away From You .
    keep up the good work.



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