Sunday, 1 December 2013

Today Speaking NHSTayside OPACC Learning Session 4 West Park Conference center


With great thanks to Morag MacRae Patient Safety Development Manager - Patient Safety  Team Ninewells Hospital Dundee for inviting me to speak at the two day event December 4th &5 West park Conference

I met with Morag a few weeks back when I was speaking at the Care Inspectorate development days in Dundee and she has kindly invited me to speak at the Hospital
We have arranged to meet again end of October to chat about how both days will work so a big thank you to Morag for the Invite

,Also looking forward to meeting Sam majumdar consultant surgeon who helped with introductions

Thank you all for the opportunity

Day 1 – 4th December 2013
Dr Margaret McGuire, Director of Nursing, NHS Tayside
Dr Sridhar Vaitheswaran, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist & Clinical Director in Old Age Psychiatry, NHS Grampian

Dr Margaret McGuire, Director of Nursing, NHS Tayside

Dr Cesar Rodriguez, Consultant Old Age Psychiatry, NHS Tayside

Dr Graeme Hoyle, Consultant Geriatrician, NHS Grampian

Tommy Whitelaw,
Dementia Carer Voices

Deirdre Cameron, Patient Safety Improvement Advisor

Professor Rona Patey, Consultant Anaesthetist in NHS Grampian and Head of Division of Medicine , and Dental Education, University of Aberdeen

Jill Ferbrache, OPACC Programme Manager, NHS Grampian

Dr Margaret McGuire, Director of Nursing, NHS Tayside

Brian Blake, Leadership & Management Development Consultant

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