Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Today busy day meeting Glasgow University - HIS then promoting exellence training day at the ALLAINCE


We have a busy day today  both Irene and myself have 2 meetings in the morning followed by a Hosting with NHS Education Scotland a dementia promotion excellence training day for all the team across many projects at the ALLIANCE

First meeting is with researchers and lecturers from Glasgow University School of nursing to look at ways of possibly working together on a few ideas we have

This will be followed up with more of the same with Healthcare Improvement Scotland I have been inspired by the work they do but mostly by the people who take that work forward .I was one of the guest speakers a few weeks back at their learning event at the SSEC in Glasgow and we had

People change lives and some amazing understanding passionate people work across HIS 

After Lunch dementia carer vocies has invited NHS Education Scotland to do a dementia promoting excellence training day at the ALLIANCE office ,peoples from across many of the projects hosted there will take part in the training .With thanks to NHS Education Scotland for agreeing to facilitate 

A busy start to a very busy week ! 

The awareness work goes on  


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