Saturday, 21 December 2013

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas morning and a quiet day of reflection on the past year,and years gone by.
I have had many emotions,had a wee cry this morning and then a smile from my heart thinking of childhood Christmas mornings ,how special they where how special both mum and dad made them growing up 

Someone kindly called late last night to ask if I would be ok on my own.To be honest the last seven years have been quiet affairs.thats the life of caring or living with a long term condition all to often 
Days blend into one,weekends ,weekdays and holidays all become one and the same 

But you ,we can change that for people ,we can include,involve and encourage others not just on Christmas Day but on any day we choose .so make that call, knock on that door, your support ,kindess,inclusion and encouragement is a wonderful gift to give and can be given on any day you choose ,you might just make someone's day ,you might just change theirs and your own life even if just for a day 

Thank you for the kindess shown to my wee awareness campaign,to me and to others 
And as you sit with family today tell them you love them and remember the ones no longer round the table 

Merry Chritmas and thank you 


Glasgow December 2013 

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