Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thank you Earlier Today speaking Birmingham City Hospital


With great thanks to Estelle Greenwood Project Facilitator  Nursing Division (Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS trust ) City hospital Birmingham ,Dianneand all the team  For the kind invite to speak   At the Dementia theatre event held  at the Wolfson  Lecture Theatre at the hospital 

I had the great privilege to speak speak back in January  for Estelle at the same venue as part of the first Dementia theatre and I was very honored to be invited back again today 

Today was very thought provoking and engaging a big thank you to all the team For today for the wonderful kindness and pledges ( I will post some photos and pledges from today on our pledge site later this week ) 

Below is a wee photo with Estelle and all the team you can also read the pledges from Januarys event 

Thank you Estelle and all involved for the kindnesss 

I pledge to see the patient as an individual to always communicate and interact with them and families/carers.  To find out about the person.  To provide person centred care.  To put a smile on their face, most of all to care and show the love.
I pledge to really listen to my patients.  To make time to see and hear the person, not just the patient – Lorna Kelly
I will make a pledge to be more understanding to my patients.  I believe this will make a difference.  I pledge to show my smile and persistent thoughts to make a difference.
I pledge I will continue to be the best nurse that I can be.  I love my job it is my passion.  I will always remember Tommy.
I make a pledge to ensure I look at every person who has dementia as an individual.  To also look at their needs but ask them what their wishes are.
I pledge to continue to build my skills and enhance my knowledge base.  Enabling me to pass this on to everyone in my life.  To help to make the world more loving – Sharon Houghton
I pledge to continue and improve on delivering staff learning and development for dementia care and observe practice – Juanita Hughes
I pledge to make a conscious effort to do my best to make a positive difference for every patient, colleague and member of the public I deal with daily – Stephanie Rayson
I pledge to listen to cares when they come into hospital, to ask If their ok, to tell them what a brave important job they do to help – Victoria Plant
I pledge to always listen to and witness how we could improve.
I pledge to be supportive in all I do in my service delivery.
I pledge to continue to care and do so every day both in my work and personal life.
I pledge to continue to provide `individual` care recognising the patients are a whole person and not a number – Justine  
I pledge to make a difference to the world of dementia to try and see it their thoughts from their perspective – Vanessa 
I pledge to see dementia`s impact on the individual and their families.
I pledge, I will not use the word `challenging` and tell my colleagues at work not to use it.
I pledge to always include the cares, families and person’s story, wishes and needs in all my teaching to all health professionals –Christine
I pledge to change my attitude in everyday day life until the end of time.  Be kind and be caring.  Be thoughtful and if not sure ask – we are all human – Sandra
pledge to be there for the people who really need help, love, care and protection.
I pledge to do my best and truly listen to the patients and their carers – They are the experts on them as people and the role they play is so very valuable – Becky
I pledge to treat everybody as an individual and to challenge poor practice.  I will aim to give the best possible care – Lindsey
I pledge to make a difference in people’s love stories within my community role – Dawn
I pledge to care for everyone even if it’s not my job in everyday life I will care for everyone.
I pledge to really listen to patients and care and share my experience and knowledge to offer them confidence and hope – Sharon Graham
I pledge to make the care of patients diagnosed with dementia a priority in my nursing career – Thelma
I pledge to remember in the care I deliver daily, the person is an individual at all times.
I pledge to help people be the people they want to be, in spite of their illness – Joanne Allen

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