Wednesday, 1 October 2014

link to @alissproject Edinburgh University Health e-Health Seminar WEBINAR


I was Very honoured yesterday to  attend ,support  and take  part in a live webinar with / for Jane Programme Director @alissproject @alliancescot

The webinar  –was  hosted by BCS Health Scotland and in conjunction with University of Edinburgh. 

Janes  presentation on the aliss project  at the  lecture theatre in Edinburgh University was  broadcast live on the internet via

 I spoke  very briefly about our story 

Thank you Jane for the kind invite to take part 

you can view Janes Presentation here 


Edinburgh University Health and Social Care Integration: e-Health Seminar

Co-producing health: technology and open data as an enabler of health partnerships in Scotland
This seminar explores the origins, development and application of an open source technology and ecosystem called ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland); reflecting on its role in enabling inclusive health partnerships and improving health and wellbeing within our communities. 
Set in the context of the lived experience of carer and campaigner, Tommy Whitelaw, the seminar introduces health assets and their importance to our health and wellbeing. It examines the approach taken to the development of the ALISS technology and its application to date within the context of Primary Care. The seminar closes with a call to all citizens to become involved in co-creating health: whether in gathering, maintain and sharing asset information or in conducting further research in this area. 

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