Thursday, 16 October 2014

Inspiring day at Abertay the people the pledges the AHP Tree

I have just returned home from a wonderful day at Abertay University meeting with  and speaking to Ist year Mental Health students a big thank you to  Emma Lamont Lecturer SHS Division of Nursing & Counselling University of Abertay Dundee and Robin Marki a fellow lecturer for the kind invite 

I  was a guest A guest speaker for Robin a few months back to 3rd year students you can read all about that day and the pledges at the link here 
The day got of to the most wonderful start,finally meeting in Person Shelagh Creegan AHP lead from NHS Tayside ,Starting of the day with a smile in your heart is exactly the start I had 
Sheelagh brought along to show me the NHS Tayside AHP living tree already with pledge made and some fulfilled i am so excited and honoured  to be part of the pledge tree journey as we add pledges from AHPs across Tayside 

Next up Emma introduced me to the 1st year mental health students with support from both Emma and Shelagh we had a two hour talk the first was speaking about caring for my mum and the letters I receive followed by a short break then discussion about the talk  and key areas such as 'Getting To Know Me' and 'The 5 Key Must Do Areas' initiative from Person Centred Scotland 
I have been overwhelmed and inspired by the kindness and passion I witnessed yesterday from Emma ,Shelagh and the wonderful students 
I travelled back to Glasgow with a smile in my heart and thoughts of a wonderful day 
you can read all the pledges from today on our Dementia Carer Voices pledge site this monday along with hopes for Sheelagh's  living tree and pledge wall Emmas plans at the University
Thank you for the kindness one and all  
Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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