Saturday, 18 October 2014

Nov 10th - 3rd anniversary of taking The life stories to Parliament -what to do next -

November 10th will be 3 years to the day since I took the  letters ,life and love stories to parliament 
January will be the 4th anniversary of starting a campaign as a son from my bedroom whilst caring for my mum

It has been the most amazing journey full of struggles,Joy,hopes ,dreams and meeting the most incredible people, some I have cried with some I have smiled with and so many will be my friends forever 

All through  this journey, the greatest joy was my mum and the greatest heartbreak was dementia taking its toll on mum and me by her side 

The lonliness we faced was only a rehearsal for how lonely I feel now without mum by my side 

No matter what mum faced a squeeze of my hand ,a smile from mums eyes got me through the days when I felt so lost and Helpless and I miss my mum so 

I have tried every day to keep the promise I made to mum to the people who shared thier love stories to the incredible people I have been so privileged to meet to bring more understanding on dementia and caring 

Now it's time for reflection,maybe it's time to stop I have given hundreds of talks been to so many meetings ,so many highs and so many lows 

My tour this year finishes December 16th after which I will have to take a long hard think about life and what to do next 

Did  it matter ,I hope so ,it certainly mattered to me 

Thank you for the support ,kindness ,friendship,thank you for helping with my broken heart 

Thank you for caring 

Thank you from a son 


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