Sunday, 2 March 2014

Today - tomorrow speaking at NHS Health and Care Innovation ExpoManchester


With great thanks to the team at NHS England Expo we added another talk in today and 2 more for tomorrow  so a big thank you for the kindness from all who took time to attend today and a few photos  below from some of the kind people I met today   

with great thanks to the wonderful Jen Kenward and Caroline Cowan for the kind invite to do a short talk at the Dementia zone – café 10:30am - 11am  as part of the  NHS England Health and Care Innovation Expo Manchester Central Convention Centre – 3-4 March 2014

I met with Jen last year when she kindly invited me to speak art the Royal free hospital in London 
thank you for the great opportunity to be involved and looking forward to both attending and speaking at this 2 day event

you can view the event here NHS England Health and Care Innovation Expo

Café presentations around dementia from the carer’s perspective through to personal experience
We will have a number of informal presentations/talks/activity sessions/discussion forums from influential and inspiring dementia speakers discussing various aspects of dementia including:
·         Tommy Whitelaw – inspirational Twitter personality in dementia and lead of Dementia Carers Voices
·         Sam Hudson – Health Innovation Network – co-creating experience metrics for people with dementia and their carers.
·         Sandra Winters - Time to talk – Mental Health Awareness
·         Julia Ellis – Carers Trust for dementia
·         Gill Philips – Nutshell communications – developed Whose shoes game – designed to discuss integrated care

Stand activity
·         An area for Alzheimer's Society publications and other dementia literature and promotional materials such as the I’m a dementia friend pledge badges including a laptop to sign people up to Dementia Friends there and then.
·         Interchangeable posters demonstrating work around dementia

·         Time to talk promotional tea bags placed on the centre of each table with Sandra Winters available to talk through the campaign and its importance 



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