Thursday, 6 March 2014

Earlier Today - Speaking Queen Margaret University Edinburgh – NursingStudents


With great thanks to all the team and students Queen Margaret University Edinburgh for the kindess

I had  a lovely tour of the University before my talk to nursing and district nursing students and everyone was so kind .I have to say looks and feels like to most wonderful palace to learn and grow 

So thank you to the amazing staff and students for the warmest of welcomes and engaging session 

Look out for the pledges for the students today on the pledge site - will add over the weekend at the link below 

Thank you today for the kindness a wee photo with some of the kind people I met today


With great thanks to Kath Macdonald Senior lecturer nursing  Queen Margaret University Edinburgh for the kind invite to speak to Nursing students March 7th  
Looking forward to a 2 hour session starting with a talk about caring for my wonderful mum ,dementia ;the letters I receive and people I met on my tour followed by Q&A and finally you can make a difference talk

Thank you Kate and all the students for the opportunity


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