Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dementia - a poem - from Glen Merrelees

Hi Tommy, I hope you are well. I was reading through some of your tweets this morning and was inspired to write the attached poem, so thanks very much for that. I do hope you like it and i have treated the subject matter with the respect it deserves.


Together thirty loving years
Our love grew every day
Dementia reared its ugly head
To steal my love away.

It started off with little things
I would joke and scoff
The rubbish in the dryer
The cooker not turned off.

I took her to the doctors
As all I did was fret
Diagnosis, overwhelming,
Sends shivers through me yet.

Emotions, they were everywhere
My heart about to break
Denial was my first response
This must be a mistake.

The little things grew larger
Day by day, grew worse
No longer could I deal with it
Dementias deadly curse.

They took her to a care home
They took my love away
To her I’m just a stranger
That visits every day.

No longer did she know me
She didn’t seem to care
Memories of yesterday
Were lost behind her stare.

Although she doesn’t know me
She doesn’t know my name
I am now a stranger
But I love her just the same.

The Angels, they were merciful
As they took her in her sleep
I know she’s in a better place
As I hang my head and weep.

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