Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Earlier - Today speaking 1st year mental health students Glasgow CaledonianUnIversity



A big thank you to all the team at Caledonian University Andy ,Lesley Margaret and the inspiring students
for the great kindness earlier today at my talk

I have been a guest speaker a few times over the last years and always leave feeling inspired

thank you once again for the kindness  opportunity and Make a Difference pledges

we will add the pledges to our pledge site this Friday http://dementiacarervoices.wordpress.com/


With great thank you Lesly Mcnab lecturer at Caledionan University for inviting me back again this year to speak to 1st year Mental health students 

I had the great privilege last year to speak to on quote a few occasions to students across different courses and years and have made many great friends along the way 

Very proud to say I will be doing  the 2014 GCU MasterClass on April 10th 

Tank you lesley for the invite back to meet the new students 

Below are a few links to last years talks and a link for the MasterClass April 10th 

Link to MasterClass April 10th ( open to all ,free to attend ) http://tinyurl.com/orh7rgm


Some photos and a wee thank you post from last years talks 

Thank you Caledonian University Nursing & Mental health Students

As a son who cared for his mum Joan  for five years and would be awareness campaigner , I would just like to thank Caledonian university for inviting me  over the last 3 weeks to speak to the Mental Health and Nursing Students

Today was the last of the three talks, I really appreciate everyone taking the time to listen to my wee story about my mum Joan  and the life stories I have collected.

Thank you for the incredibly kind messages  I have received today and over the last few week from these inspiring students and to Andy Lowndes for being my team mate at all the talks   I wish everyone of them the best in their  journey ahead which ever field of care they work in.


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The summary report from last year’s ‘What Matters to You?’ Day is now available to download.

The summary report from last year’s ‘What Matters to You?’ Day is now available to download. ‘What Matters to You?’ Day takes place...