Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tomorrow morning Great privilege giving presentation to Board NHSaaa



With great thanks to Derek Barron Associate Nurse Director, Mental Health Services NHSaaa and the board for the kind invite to give a presentation at the next Board meeting March 31st. 

I  will also be doing a a series of talks at Ayr Hospital and Crosshouse hospital this April in partnership with Derek and the team. 

I am truly grateful for this opportunity and  look forward to speaking about my wonderful mum the letters I receive and people I meet on my tour along with discussing our Dementia Carer Voices Project 

Thank you Derek for the opportunity for inspiring me on twitter in person and for arranging both the presentation and introduction to the great team Janice, Amanda and Lynn who I will be working with on the talks. 

I have been working closely with Carers and carer centers across Ayrshire for the last 2 years and this is a wonderful opportunity to bring us all together. 

I / we, Derek and the team have some ideas and I hope we can make them work. 

Make a difference Ayrshire sounds special and I hope coming together we can make it happen. 

Thank you to the board, Derek ,Janice, Amanda and Lyn 

The kindness of people


Presentation board - NHSaaa March 31st - open presentation details below on how to attend 

Talks across NHSaaa -  April      


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  1. Thanks, Tommy. Wishing you all the very best for your talk on 31st March.


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