Sunday, 2 March 2014

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                                                        You can make a difference!  

                             That’s what I want people to know and is the theme of my tour 2014

Time, listening and understanding can make an unimaginable difference during what can be a very difficult and lonely journey. Over and above policies, strategies or reports it’s people who have the potential to transform the lives and experiences of others.  It makes me smile to think about the special people who helped me whilst I was a carer, the thousands out there helping others in the same manner, and the students who make up our next generation of caring professionals.

At the end of  my talks I will be asking peolpe who attend to think about what they could do to make a difference to others. 
This will be a new theme going forward and the basis for talks in 2014  -  No matter what your role,

“What difference can YOU make to the lives of others?”

Since my walk to collect life stories I have been receiving letters life and love stories therefore will you help me answer those letters, will you help with a pledge to make a difference. 

If you do my promise is as with the letters I received to take those pledges across the country raise awareness and I hope inspire others to make a difference. 

Will you make a pledge to make a difference as part of our tour 2014? 

You can make your pledge at

You can read the personal pledges here

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