Friday, 21 March 2014

Thursday Attending launch - A Carers voice a new song about caring by Carers performed by Carers


Really looking forward to seeing my wonderful friends from Glasgow North East Carers next week 
At the launch of thier song " A Carers Voice 

So proud of them I have heard the song in basic from and it's wonderful 

We've done it! John's song, inspired by your visit, is now recorded! I had hoped to surprise you ages ago with our finished product however it took a wee bit longer than expected as all concerned re fitting it around their other activities.

We are having a celebration/presentation morning, provisionally Thursday 27th March in the Glenburn Centre where we have our AGM. (John retires on 25th) We will hear the finished recording for the first time, see some footage of the process and carers will be presented with their disc.

The Symphony of Dreams charity will be there with local MSP etc. John's sons will bring his wife Marion for whom the song was written


  1. Reduced to many tears as always but you inspire me every day to keep going Tommy. Thank you from the very depths of my soul x

  2. Rosemary GrahamMarch 25, 2014

    Looking forward to seeing you at the launch on Thursday Tommy I know you are a very busy man as I follow you on facebook raising awareness for carers I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your hard work Rosemary.


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