Monday, 10 March 2014

Earlier today speaking Patients First and Always nhsgg - Conference




A big thank you to Jennifer,Elaine Pamela and all who attended today .
I had the great privilege to speak at the patients first amd always event earlier today at the Bearmore centre 

Thank you for the opportunity and #kindness 


With great thanks to Jennifer Rodgers  Lead Nurrse  Paediatric Yorkhill Hospital
For the kind invite to speak at the event she is organising at the Beardmore Conference center March 12th -Patients First and Always - building on Success

I have been following the great work Jen does via Twitter and very honoured to be invited along 

The event is for  senior charge nurses and lead nurses from paediatrics and neonates NHSGG&c   and the focus is on patient experience and they will harness and use  within the new children's hospital

Thank you so much to Jen and all involved for the opportunity to include  the " you can make a difference"  talk and tour 

Thank you 



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