Friday, 27 June 2014

Wednesday - speaking Croy Dementia Cafe Ayrshire


with great thanks to June Price and Marie for the kind invite to attend and speak at the Dementia Cafe Croy Ayrshire 

i look forward to meeting everyone  attending and learning more about they great work they and giving a wee "Make a Difference Talk "

You Can Read More about the Cafe below 

The cafe started in December with 9 people attending. It has grew in numbers to between 30 and 40 people attending every month now. June and  Marie researched the cafe and visited other cafes. they  then worked on decor etc as they  wanted the cafe to be a friendly and cafe like experience for carers and their  relatives to come and have a cup of tea with home baking etc.  

they  also made up a book with who’ s who at the cafe so everyone will know  what services are attending the cafe on a monthly basis  they also have theme days at the cafe, the July cafe will be American independence day with a taste and try corner will all delicious food things from America.  The last cafe had a memory table with all things from days gone by.  We have all the services here from Doctors,  Physiotherapist ,speech and language , care home liaison   Nurses , Dieticians, C.P.N.s Pharmacists,  etc , so any one attending the cafe need any information from any of the services they are all on hand to help with any problems that may arise.  But mostly it is just a nice friendly cafe for carers and their relatives to come and be themselves and to know that they are not alone on this terrible journey through Dementia.  

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