Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Today - speaking Care Inspectorate Admin Development Day


Wednesday 25 June 2014

§   Have a deeper knowledge and understanding of our core business and how we all contribute to improving care for people who use care services.
§   Have a deeper understanding of a rights based high quality, safe and compassionate care and how we all contribute to this.
§   How involving people in our work is so vital to meeting our strategic objectives.
§   Launch the learning and development pathways for admin staff – the important of continuous professional development in an emerging landscape of tighter financial constraints, technological advances and increasing societal expectations.

9.15am                 Arrivals and Registration - Tea/coffee/bacon rolls/egg rolls

9.30am                 Welcome and Introductions
‘The Care Inspectorate Vision, Values and Purpose’ and how the Business Support Service is a vital component to our success - Annette Bruton, Chief Executive

10.00am              A ‘Journey Through Care’ - Johnny’s Story, Kibble Education and Care Centre
10.30am              Whose responsibility is it any way? - Public Protection, Fiona Stevenson, NSPCC

11.20am               COMFORT BREAK

11.40am               ‘A Carer’s Story’ – Experiences of Dementia - Tommy Whitelaw, Carer/
                                Health & Social Care Alliance  

12.30pm               BUFFET LUNCH (opportunity for networking)

1.30pm                 ‘If it weren’t for the business support service’ - Robert Peat, Director of Inspection

1.40pm                 Quality Assurance – What it means for us and our role within it?
Helen Happer, Head of Quality & Improvement

2.10pm                 Learning & Development PathwaysGeneric Courses Available overview by
Carol Grieve, Business Support Manager

2.30pm                 COMFORT BREAK (take coffee back to table)

2.40pm                 New Admin Award – What will it look like? And when will it be available?
Joe McGhee, Inspection Award Co-ordinator

3.00pm                 Question Time – Annette Bruton, Robert Peat, Carol Grieve, Kath McCabe, Joe McGhee
3.20pm                 Reflections and Summary of Day – Robert Peat, Director of Inspection

3.30pm                 Close 

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