Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Today speaking Community Children’s Nursing Team - Schools NHSGGBeardmore conference center


A big thank you to Donna and all the team who attended today 

Thank you for the great kindness 



With thanks to Donna Hunter from NHSGG for the kind  invite to speak at the  "Facing The Future Together day " NHSGG Beardmore conference center this Thursday 

  "A day for children's nurses who work in Special Educational Schools. ( or now called ASL Schools - Additional Support for Learning Schools)

There is a new development whereby an annual assessment will have to be conducted with children, parent/carers and we want to ensure we're getting carers perspective on what would be helpful for them."

I met Donna a few months back when I was speaking at a Yorkhill Hospital pediatricians conference at the same venue and she has kindly asked me to speak on Thursday at the event  
Thank you Donna for the opportunity to bring  my "You Can Make A Difference " Talk / tour to the event 


Community Children’s Nursing Team - Schools

26 June 2014 | The Beadmore Hotel & Conference Centre | Day Conference

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