Monday, 16 March 2015

Monday - Attending Burton Hospital Fulfilling Pledges ,the next steps event


A Big Thank you Alison Haynes Lead nurse Dementia Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust For the kind invite back to the Burton Hospital 'Fulfilling  Pledges Event March 24th at the Education Center Burton Hospital

For me this is a wonderful opportunity to further engage and support staff  with the pledges made at my two previous visits . Its great to see the team at Burton Hospital 
continuing with the work we all started together 

thank you Alison for arranging this wonderful day for staff to share their pledge stories 

‘Following the Re-launch of the Trust’s Dementia Strategy in November 2014 we would like the attendees to return to share their pledges and share how these have made a difference for patients and their carers within Burton hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’" ALISON Haynes 

I was  so very honored to be invited to attend and speak at the Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Dementia Strategy and Forget Me Not  Care Bundle Launch November 7th

I also had the great privilege to speak there few months back ( you can read more on that day below )

Thank you Alison Haynes Lead nurse Dementia Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust For the kind invite to attend and speak 

Thank You 


Burton 1
Burton 2
MY Previous Visit  
With great thanks to Leanne Siekiera Student Nurse and Alison Haynes Lead nurse Dementia Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust For the kind invite to attend and speak at the Dementia Champions Forum earlier today  Burton Hospital Burton On Trent

Thank you to everyone who took time to attend and for the great kindness 

Thank you for the opportunity to speak and for the support make it to the forum 

I look forward to visiting again soon 

Please see SOME of the inspiring pledges from today 

I pledge to take time and ensure every patient with dementia has a voice and is heard – Jane
I pledge to support patients and carers every day and think of others – Jenny
I pledge to learn more about dementia and the person behind the disease and take the time to help more people that are living with dementia – Lynda Horswell
I pledge to strive to continually improve the patient and carer experience whilst at Burton NHS Foundation Trust – Alison Haynes
I shall always ask “what can I do today to make you smile?” I shall also prompt and encourage colleagues – Jude
To provide reassurance, comfort and listen attentively. Acknowledge that I care – Lorna Hough
I pledge to find out what`s important to the person I care for – Joylyn Thomas
My pledge is to always take time and listen to my patients. To find out the “little things” that matter to them and deliver care with a person centred approach – Leanne Siekiera
I pledge to find time to let the person have a voice and be listened to and to let the know I care – Denise Harlow
My pledge as a student nurse is to find out and take as much time as possible to get to know my patient suffering with dementia – Kirsty
My pledge is to look after each of my patents individually. I promise to always treat my patients with care and compassion – Sophie Lane
I pledge that when I leave patients after doing an activity with that they have a big smile on their face – Sharon 
My pledge is to make a difference every day for patients and carers with dementia. I will do this by incorporating within the strategy of the `little things` and engage with staff and follow this up – Julie Thompson
My pledge is to continue to treat all patients with dementia with the love and dignity they deserve and respect the hard work of all the carers – Eleanor Maxwell
I will try to be more understanding, compassionate; I will listen to the patients. I will try to make them smile and champion the dementia care within our hospital – Katherine
My pledge is to continue to be and show compassion to every person I meet.
My pledge is to listen and engage with volunteers and teach them to listen deeply to patients that they support on wards – Marion
My pledge is to work towards developing a listening service for carers within the trusts dementia strategy – Elly

Leanne is a friend on twitter and has been a great support to my campaign and work  you can read a blog post from Leanne on the @WeNurses community site  here
Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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