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you can read the pledges here from the #FutureMHN conference

The Future of Mental Health Nursing Conference 2015 was the inaugural #FutureMHN conference on 24 February 2015 at the Indigo O2, London.  The event brought 500 mental health nursing students to celebrate the success of mental health nursing innovation and research, to inspire future leaders, and to support effective networking.
Each university in England running the pre-registration Nursing – Mental Health programme invited students and lecturers; providing an unparalleled opportunity for networking and hearing the latest developments, experiences and thoughts on a wide range of topics including:
  • National developments in Mental Health
  • Mental Health is everyone’s business
  • Using social media
  • Developments in Mental Health education
  • Challenges for public Mental Health
  • The role of the Modern Mental Health nurse
  • Research in Mental Health
The event was organised by the Department of Health in partnership with the University of Greenwich, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, NHS England, and Public Health England.
Thank you to Liz Read  @liz89read, Ben Thomas and Deborah Watkins for the invite to speak at The Future of Mental Health Nursing Conference 2015 held at the 02 Arena on Tuesday. We were very honoured to be invited to speak and met so many inspiring students
We are so inspired by the people we met and incredible pledges we received below including from Jane Cummings the CNO England. A massive thank you to Jane for her pledge, kindness and encouragement.
The event was truly inspiring and was great to see great friends who inspire us such as Teresa Chinn MBE from @WEnurses, Jennie Middleton @nursingtimesed who chaired the event and the @6Cslive team
Thank you to the future mental health nurses for inspiring us with their passion, words and pledges below  #makingadifference
You can add your personal pledge via 
You can read the 3050 pledges made to date via the link here

To use every opportunity to highlight the Impact compassionate care has on those with dementia and their carers – Jane Cummings
I will tweet about dementia every week to raise awareness – Teresa Chinn
I pledge to keep memories alive – Vicky Newton
I will listen to the people who love you to learn who you are, to know your story, to care for you as you – Joe Gregory
I pledge to be a nurse who considers the lives of those with dementia and offers a helping hand, support and love in view of your inspirational talk – Ellie Scott
I pledge to be there.  I pledge to make people more aware, I pledge to care and show compassion – Shenell Gayle
To make someone realise they are not alone and to hold hope for them until they are ready to take it back for themselves – Charlotte Burnell
I pledge to listen more and be a shoulder you can rest on – Lisa
I pledge to always be that district nurse – Chris
Thank you for introducing your mum to us.  I hope I can be as great a nurse as you are carer.  I promise to make time to know what makes a difference to someone’s mum, dad, sister or other.
I pledge to show attitude of caring and empathy on my clients –James
I pledge to keep the passion in compassion.
I pledge to always see the person and not the disease.
I pledge to think about them and not about me.  Rock on Tommy your fantastic!
I pledge to be compassionate and focus on the human side of mental health nursing care – Cleo
I pledge to be the person that makes the difference and always work to know and respect the person.
I pledge to treat every person I meet with the same care and compassion I did with my Nanna Mary – Kat
I pledge to be that nurse who puts a gentle hand on your shoulder –Ruth
My pledge is to honour the life story of everyone I meet – Clare
I pledge to increase dementia training at UWE Nursing.  High impact of use of carers in training – Simon Hall
I pledge to make people laugh, to make a difference in one small way –Jess
I pledge to work with my patients and listen with compassion to what is best for them – Jack
I pledge to take the time to listen more even when under great pressure, juggling work load and advocate more to ensure carers are listened to by challenging others – Claire Brown
I pledge to always stand up to what I believe in and to do what is right and just.
I will do my best to provide the best care that I can.  I will treat others how I would like to be treated and how I would like my family to be treated – Catherine
My pledge is to never forget the importance of treating the people in my care and all people as individuals and worthy of everything I can give – Elise
I pledge to make my sense of humour support – Mariam
I believe in treating people how you would like to be treated – Vicky Hinks
I will make a difference in people’s lives by listening, leaving and showing compassion with consistency and commitment – I will be that district nurse – Juanita
I pledge to ensure I make one person’s life better for a start – John- Paul
I pledge to always listen and always to act upon any problems, issues or concerns that someone may have – Leanna Bye
I pledge to spend 5 minutes every day for the rest of my career, to remember why I chase MH, and never lose that passion – Elizabeth Summerfield
I pledge to remember the little things like offering a drink or asking what someone would like to be called – Amy Weir
I pledge to talk to families about the service user to find out their preference, also the patients themselves – Rebecca Wilcox
I pledge to always ask people how do you feel about me doing this? –Claire
I pledge to approach my current placement within an older adult ward with a fresh set of eyes tomorrow.
I pledge to be the best mental health nurse I can be.  I want to make a difference to everyone I meet during my career whether that be a patient, family member and carer – Hannah Buckland
I pledge to get to know people with dementia and what dementia is and what their preferences in care are to provide them with the care they deserve.  As a mental health nurse I will signpost carers to organisations that will help them care for their loved ones – Rebecca
I promise to work to the best of my ability to be the best nurse possible – Heather
I pledge to listen and do and follow through on promises made to service users and families – Sharyn
My pledge is to create a safe space for carers and deliver dementia friends session – Anna
To ensure that I put the person at the centre of my care, treating each person as an individual – Irene Rednall
I pledge to listen – Laura Royston
I pledge to never forget why I chose to become a MH Nurse and to always imagine myself in the services users’ shoes – Michelle Kramer
I will make time every day to listen to patient stories – Helen Jones
My pledge to improve the lives of people affected by dementia is to take time to get to know the person I am caring for, seeing beyond their illness and seeing the person, the life they have lived, the people they love, the things that make them happy – Vicky Davis
Today I have registered to become a dementia friend. I pledge to attend an information session in my local area – Tamara Stoute
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