Monday, 2 March 2015

Speaking Abertay University March 12th 5pm - Open Session

Big thanks to Rachel Johnston, Newly Qualified Nurse from Carmichael House Dundee who studied at Abertay University, for the great honour and kind invite to speak on March 12th at 5pm in the events room at the University.
I have been invited to speak at the University a few times over the last couple of years and Rachel was an Adult Nursing Student who attended one of my talks.
Rachel has been in touch via Facebook to ask if I would speak to staff as she now works with, family, friends and a wider audience.
I am truly honoured to do this and I am so inspired by Rachel’s passion to put this event together and by the support from Robin Ion and Abertay University to help with a venue and more  I am in Dundee that day For 4 talks to staff at the Kingsway medical centre and Rachel asked if I could add one more on if she found a venue.
Rachel has put this all together finding a venue, promoting and sharing in her own time and at her own cost.  Thank you Rachel for Inspiring this Son, I am very proud to know you and Abertay should be so very proud to have had you as a student.
I hope you might come along to this former student led event at 5pm March 12th, ground floor events room Abertay University.
I think you are truly inspiring Rachel thank you for the kindness and  passion to put this event together.


You can also view the pledges from last Abertay events below:

photo photo
Hello my name is Rachel Johnston, I am a 23 year old newly qualified nurse from Abertay University. I am currently working as a staff nurse for Kennedy care group in Carmichael house Dundee where we care for residents with a variety of needs, including dementia. I have worked in care from the age of 17 in various settings and is something I’ve always had a great passion for.
Tommy came to speak to my class in the third year of my training and I don’t think he could have came at a better time. Becoming qualified and having that added responsibility and autonomy has had me in many situations where I have found myself reflecting back to the story of Tommy and his mums journey together.
Hearing Tommy speak was a gift of knowledge that no lecture or essay on dementia can teach us, it really put things in perspective for me and I want others to have that same knowledge, because it really is precious.  The understanding, patience and care shown by the staff in Carmichael House has inspired me and I am confident that they will embrace Tommy’s story and help to make a difference

You can follow Rachel on Twitter via @rjjohnston123 and Abertay University @AbertayUni

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