Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tomorrow Speaking at The LINKS Event Record of Learning Launch

With great thanks to Mark Charlton for the kind invite to speak at this event 
You can get more info at the links below 

Sometimes information isn’t enough. Sometimes the referral systems are too difficult to navigate. Sometimes services are tricky to access. Sometimes the thought of walking in to a room is terrifying. Sometimes you don’t know where to go. Sometimes you don’t want to have to tell your story again and again and again. Sometimes it helps just to share your journey.
This is where links workers come in. The role of Links Workers, Community Connectors and Navigators is increasingly being recognised as a vital role in supporting people to live well in their community.
Across Scotland there are a number of innovative approaches that aim to support people to connect in to their local community assets. Many of these approaches see the primary care team as key to this approach.
This event will share learning across people and programmes interested in community-connected primary care and ‘links’ approaches and launch the Links Worker programme Record of Learning >
The day will be highly interactive and delegates will choose from a number of topic-based workshops where they can explore how other people and programmes are operating and what they are learning. If you are interested in speaking at this event or being involved in a workshop, please contact Mark Charlton, Programme Director. 
Sample workshops include:
Links Worker Knowledge and Skills
Recruiting for a Links Worker role
Evaluation approaches to a links programme
What do GP teams say?
To register your place please click here >
For more information, please contact:
Mark Charlton on 0141 404 0234 or email mark.charlton@alliance-scotland.org.uk

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