Thursday, 25 July 2013

Letters, life & love stories, can you help a sons campaign Letters, life & love stories,

Letters, Life and Love stories, can you help a son’s campaign?

This campaign is built on life stories, my wee mums life story was a love story.  She loved and cared for everyone, for her husband, my hero - my dad and for her children.  My Mums amazing kindness and ability to care for everyone was inspiring as everyone deserves the right to keep their life closer to a love story and as far away from tragedy as possible.

Society has its part to play I loved my wee mum but we spent too much time lonely isolated and the lack of understanding towards us challenged the love story all too often.  We can’t at this time cure Dementia but we can cure so many of the challenges that are allowed to play such big parts in our lives.  Loneliness, isolation, understanding and awareness we can help change them.

We have to celebrate the greatness in people the lives they led and should be allowed to lead. I believe to help someone we need to know them, we need to keep their love story on track and learn about them if we use Dementia and their diagnosis as the starting point then we fail people.

My mum Joan Whitelaw was too often viewed as a wee woman with Dementia and I as her son and carer too often felt ignored and I want to help change that.
So I collect life stories to take to all who need to read them, to show the lives people lead and the impact society is allowing Dementia to have and the part we can play.

Love story or tragedy what part will you play?

You can help by sending your story, thoughts or opinions to  and my promise is the same as my promise to mum to take them to all I think should and need to read them, hopefully changing attitudes, raising awareness and understanding one love story at a time.


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