Monday, 29 July 2013

Watching the Olympic ceremony re run a look back at my blog and a few tears


It's another Saturday night and sitting at home alone and as usual not quite knowing what to do with myself 

I was sent this previous post  by sportsmement who had featured my blog post a year ago this weekend on their site as the Olympic opening ceremony was in full swing 

I remember sitting writing it with a great sadness in my heart as I knew my mum was very ill and moments together ,special occasions where quickly running out 

I sit tonight's so much more lonely than then , my mum passed away 8 weeks later . I miss my mum so much 


My wee mum is in bed, I have spent the last hours tidying up along with as I always do preparing for all we do in the morning ,while I have been pottering about I have been catching snapshots of the build up to Olympics and I found some tears coming, along with memories.

I loved the Olympics when I was young and can remember sitting on the floor listening intently to my dad and his enthusiasm for all who created magical sporting moments and my strongest memory is sitting on the floor of our sitting room at my mum and dads feet for days on end for all the crucial moments such as the 100 meters final.

Well my dad is no longer with us but I will re-enact my childhood and sit in my wee mum's room on the floor beside her bed and watch the opening ceremony and cherish the memories of sitting with my mum and the man she loved since the day they met.

My mum may have lost her memory to dementia but I will save tonight in mine and add to all the others that make me such a lucky son. We sat as a family then ,and we sit as a family tonight with my mum beside me and my dad firmly on our minds


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