Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Thank you mum -


Today is mums Birthday ,the first since mum passed away and I just miss her ,I am still pretty much lost in this house and the loneliness when home leads straight to my heart

I would like to say thank you today to my mum for being the best of mums ,the best friend just the best mum any son could wish for

My mums life was a life of kindness and caring ,kindness and caring towards all she met and I miss that ,I miss her kindness , guidance friendship and care .Throughout mums journey with dementia I was described as  her Carer and towards the end mum needed much care as dementia took its grip ,but that's only half the story , mum cared for me all my life , even on hardest days ,the days where I felt I was falling apart , the last painful months she could make it better with a smile or squeeze of my hand she was remarkable and I miss her her

There is nothing more i could have asked for in a mum she had it covered so THANK YOU mum

And thank you to all who have taken mum mums story To heart and supported our wee awareness campaign thank you for the kindness

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