Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Monday mums birthday the first since mum passed away

This coming Monday is mums birthday the first since mum passed away and I just miss her .There are days like birthdays. Or Christmas or just dates that have great significance in our lives

I remember this time last year preparing for mums birthday and knowing in my heart it would be the last we shared together .Not that anyone would discuss this in any great manner as much as I tried

It was pretty much like the previous birthdays ,and most days to be honest mostly just mum and me . sitting and looking back so happy mums big sister my aunty blondie and Jinty her daughter in law came along with a cake ,kindness  and friendship that surely lifted our spirits .I am so so glad they did you know it's important we spend special occasions with special peolpe

I keep looking towards next week this significant day and the only thing that's guaranteed is I will miss my mum so much but then that is the one thing that is guaranteed every day missing a remarkable person who I can honestly say I WAS SO LUCKY TO BE HER SON


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