Sunday, 21 July 2013

January 20th a very special event


I will be very shortly announcing a very special day / event .

Since my awareness walk back in 2011 to collect life stories and raise awareness , a campaign that has continued on.and now under the wing of the Alliance Scotland via the Dementia Carer  Voices project based on and to harness the work of tommy on tour .I have had the greatest privilege meet in person , through social media or word word of mouth  amazing people , many caring for a loved on and many in a professional or voluntary capacity making a difference to the lives of others

For twenty years I traveled the world with my job and as I am sure many people are for the country they come from  was always very proud to be a boy from Glasgow Being Scottish I was always welcomed with open arms ,the Scottish accent was always welcome

Over the 5 years caring for mum as loneliness and isolation took the the place of friends and opportunities and we neared a crisis  I would sometimes think what was I so proud of

Since the start of my campaign I have found so many many reason to be proud .I have met them ,been to written to by them heard about them and witnessed the love ,care ,devotion and dedication of so many people

On January 20th 2014 I will be inviting. Some of the people described above and some I have yet to meet to a very special event .a celebration of caring a thank you for caring

If I ever travelled the world again which is unlikely I have more than an accent to be proud of I have the, any people I have met and still to meet to make this son proud

January 20th a very special celebration a very special thank you


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